First Swim Lesson…Happy, Happy, Happy

Like the father from Duck Dynasty…I feel “Happy, Happy, Happy”

My first ever swim lesson was today!  (after only two years of talking about doing it and learning every aquatic sport known-to-man EXCEPT swimming :))

The outcome…
A 5-year old kid that has just learned to tie their shoes could not feel more proud and happy than I do right now!

Thanks to all of you out there who prayed & encouraged me about overcoming this fear 🙂


This is my experience, strength, and encouragement to others out there with this same fear…”Easy does it, but do it!”  Take your time, find your comfort zone (mine is the YMCA adult beginner class), but accept that fear will always be in front of you.

The Good News…
Fear is pitch black, all-encompassing, and thin as tissue-paper.  Walk through it and it’s over.

Fair winds & happy swimming!